The perfect metaphor for growth and creativity

The beauty of  Office Blocks stationery sets is that the user can snap the various stationery pieces – a pen pot, phone stand, stylus, screen cleaner, long pen, brick pen and highlighter – together in a creative but organised construction of their own.

This is the perfect gift for any brand that wants to demonstrate the qualities of creativity, construction and organisation.

Material: ABS 


  • Pen Pot: 82mm x 60mm x 80mm
  • Phone Stand: 60mm x 50mm x 62mm
  • Long Pen: 120mm x 14mm x 10mm
  • Brick Pen: 130mm x 18mm x 20mm
  • Highlighter: 60mm x 18mm x 20mm
  • Stylus: 68mm x 14mm x 10mm
  • Wiper: 60mm x 18mm x 10mm

 MOQ: 300pcs

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