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  • 3 Fold Manual Foldable Umbrella

    3 fold manual open foldable umbrella  Size: 21"  Available Colours: Red | Black | Navy Blue | Light Blue | Green | Grey Material: Pongee Fabric
  • Wind Proof Golf Umbrella

    30" Manual Open Fibre ribs and shaft facilitates and perform wind escape function. Suitable for golfing. Material : Pongee  
  • Pongee Inverted Umbrella

    Description: Manual open and close reversible umbrella, prevent user from getting drenched.  Size: 23 inch x 8 panels  Colour: Black-Blue | Black-Red Material: Pongee Fabric with Black metal shaft, C-shaped...
  • Super Slim Foldable Umbrella

    3 fold super slim foldable manual open umbrella Size: 21"  Available Colours: Navy | Red | White | Black | Pink | Blue | Dark Grey Material: Pongee Fabric
  • Inverted Umbrella

    23 inch inverter umbrella. Inverter way of open or close. Keep the surface dry always. Stylish look with double layer canopy. Material : 190T polyester Packaging : Individual OPP bag Colours : Blue...
  • Folding Umbrella

    Foldable umbrella with PU J handle.Packaging: pouch.Dimension: 19inch x 6panels. Available colours: pink and white. Material : Polyester, J Handle- PU, Shaft
  • Economy Folding Umbrella

    Black Steel Ribs. Plastic Handle. Non-UV Protection Coated. With black color sleeve. Packaging: Opp Bag. Dimension: 21 inch with 6 panels. Available colour: blue. Polyester
  • OSSI Capsule Mini Umbrella

    Description: Portable and adorable design, OSSI capsule mini umbrella remain light-weight and functional with UV protection. Compact and can be stored easily and it can be used in case of...
  • Promotional Foldable Umbrella

    21" foldable umbrella with matching colour zipper pouch. Available colours: pink, blue, green, orange.
  • Non UV Umbrella

    Ribs- black steel. Handle - imitation wood handle.Non UV protection coated.Dimension: 23 inch with 8 planels. Available colours: maroon and blue. Material : Polyester
  • Lightweight Foldable Umbrella

    19" lightweight aluminium shaft umbrella with pouch. Available colours: Blue, Green, Orange, Red.
  • Executive Umbrella

    Executive Style light weight fiber shaft umbrella in pongee material.Its auto open 27" panel offers shelter for 2.Available colours : beige, brown and grey. Material : Pongee
  • Designer Umbrella with Strap

    Modern silver black plastomer handle coated with PU finishing. Silver trimming designed to suit executives. Cover sleeve with long adjustable strap achieve conception of easy to carry. Material : Pongee 190T, Plastic...
  • Auto Open Straight Umbrella

    Shaft and ribs: 8k, black Coated Steel. Handle: J-Handle. Auto open.Non UV protection coated. Dimension: 24 inch with 8 planels.Available colours: black, red and blue. Material : Polyester
  • Auto Open Golf Umbrella 30"

    UV auto open golf umbrella  Size: 30"  Colours: Variable  Material: Pongee Fabric with silver trimming
  • Auto Open Close Umbrella

    Hook cotton edge design. Packaging: OPP bag. Dimension: 21inch x 12panels. Available colours: green and blue. Pongee, J Handle- PU, Shaft and Rib- Metal
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