Singapore Multi-Function Pen Corporate Gifts Collection. Our products include Rio Stylus Ballpoint Pen, 3 in 1 Multi-Function Plastic Ball Pen, Highlighter, Ball Pen & Stylus, Pen With Stylus, Pen | Stylus | Crystal, Crystal Pen with i-Stylus, USB Flash Drive Ball Pen, Promotional USB Flash D...
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  • Rio Stylus Ballpoint Pen

    Stylus Ballpoint Pen with click action mechanism. Material: Plastic Available colours: Black, Royal Blue, Red, Orange, Lime  
  • 3 in 1 Multi Function Plastic Ball Pen

    Pen cover can be used as handphone stand and also a screen cleaner. Comes with refillable black ink.  Material: Plastic Available Colours: Brown, Light Blue or Red Dimension: 1.5cm (W)...
  • Highlighter, Ball Pen & Stylus

    Pen, Highlighter and stylus packaged into 1 device. Material : Plastic Packaging : Individual poly bag Colours : Blue, yellow and orange Dimension : 14cm (L) x 1cm (H)
  • Pen With Stylus

    Dual function product with pen + stylus. Plastic
  • Pen

    Metal ball pen with coloured crystal filled barrel body and stylus tip.  Available in 6 colours: Black, Pink, Blue, Gold, Red and Purple.  Packaged individually in a poly-bag. 
  • Crystal Pen with i-Stylus

    Metal ball pen with coloured crystal filled barrel body and stylus tip.  Available colours: White, Yellow, Black, Pink, Blue, Red, Purple, Grey, Turquoise Length: 14.5cm Packaged individually in a poly-bag. ...
  • USB Flash Drive Ball Pen

    This executive style promotional brass barrel writing instrument also sports a USB 2.0 memory stick built right into the upper barrel of the pen! Great for people on the go...
  • Promotional USB Flash Drive Ball Pen with Stylus

    A USB drive pen that's also a custom stylus and ball point pen! This combo ball point pen includes flash drive in the barrel and stylus in upper barrel of...
  • 4 in 1 Multi-function Pen

    Description: This multi-function pen can be used as a LED light, laser pointer and also stylus. Black color writing ink.  Dimension: 12cm (Pen) | 17.8cm x 1.8cm x 3.5cm  Colour:...
  • Stylus Ball Pen with Torch Light

    Description: Multi-functional product comprises a stylus, torch light and writing ball pen. The stylus tip is compatible with most of the touch screen device.  Dimension: 1.5cm x 14cm  Colours: Red...
  • Pen with Highlighter

    Description: 2 in 1 function ball pen which comes with a yellow colour highlighter. Black colour ink for ball pen, 0.7mm refill.  Colour: White Material: Plastic
  • Metallic Stylus Ball Pen

    Metallic stylus ball pen with twist function. Comes with 1.0mm black ink refill Dimension: 14.5cm x 1cm  Available Colours: Pink, Gold or Grey Material: Plastic + Metallic
  • Silicone Slap Band with Touch Pen

    Description Keep touchscreen navigation on your wrist at all times. Solid flexible silicone slap-action bracelet curls around your wrist. When flat, this bracelet can be used to mark your spot...
  • Balmain Antares Stylus Ballpoint Pen

    Balmain Antares Stylus Ballpoint Pen. Exclusive design jotter style stylus ballpoint pen ideal for touchscreen devices such as smartphones, tablets and retail payment pads. Incl. new style Balmain clip, black...
  • Multifunction Pen

    4 In 1 Multifunction Pen. Switch between black ink pen, stylus, LED light and laser pointer. 2 button operation - 1 for LED light and 1 for laser pointer. Press once the LED light...
  • Eco Friendly Recycled Paper Ball Pen & Highlighter

    Environmental friendly ball pen with highlighter. Available colours: orange, yellow and blue. Material: Recycled Paper
  • Highlighter

    3 in1 Highlighter Pen with sticky notes Colour: Blue,Yellow,Orange
  • Rubik's Pen

    The Iconic Cube which has made Rubik’s so successful. The Rubik’s Pen is a challenge that’s fun to solve and provides a refreshing break for the mind. The sections of...
  • Gemini Ball Pen

    Black refill. Ink Refill : 1.0mm Material: Metal Packaging: opp bag Colours: Black Dimensions: 13.5cm x 1.2cm
  • 6 in 1 Multifunction Ballpoint Pen

    Description: The tech tool pen comes with 6 very handy functions: A ruler, a spirit level, a ballpoint pen, a stylus, a flat- and phillips screwdriver. Ballpoint: Smooth writing.Ruler: Measuring...
  • SHELL-B Designer USB Metal Ball Pen

    To impress your target audience by giving this SHELL Designer USB Metal Ball Pen - 8GB! Features Premium Coated body finishing, 2 in 1 twist action metal pen and 8GB...
  • USB Flash Drive Pen with Laser Pointer & LED

    A promotional flash drive pen that's also a custom laser pointer & LED light! This executive style promotional brass barrel writing instrument also includes 4GB flash drive and laser pointer...
  • Twist USB Metal Ball Pen

    Contemporary design 2-in-1 USB drive and ballpoint pen combo is perfect for traveling executives wishing to take notes and store power points and other valuable information. Features rich metallic color...
  • Pen USB Flash Drive with Laser Pointer

    Unique design Exclusive USB Drive with Laser Pointer - 4GB features an laser pointer on top. Simply press the top and your teaching are on the go! Beautiful 2 tone...
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