Singapore TROIKA Travel Essential Corporate Gifts Collection. Our products include Troika Safe Flight Case, Troika Keyring Holder, Troika TEMPTATION Bag Charm, Troika Toolinator Mini Tool, Troika Klee Keyring, Troika Bulli Light Keyring, Troika Twister Keyring, Troika Snap Hook Keyring
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  • Troika Zipper Organiser Case

    Description: Organiser case with zipper, 3 interior compartments, 6 elastic loops, partition (interior) Dimension: 21.99cm x 16cm x 5cm Colour: Black Material: Faux Leather + Velvet (interior)
  • Troika Safe Flight Case

    Description: Case for travel documents, with readout protection film (for RFID chips), zipper, 12 interior compartments, pen loop Dimension: 24.3cm x 13.8cm x 2.2cm Colour: Blue Material: Polyester
  • Troika Keyring Holder

    Description: Stylish key holder with 6 exchangeable rings.  Dimension: 9cm x 0.9cm x 2.5cm  Colour: Silver Material: Metal
  • Troika TEMPTATION Bag Charm

    Description:   Bag charm with two charms, heart, ring with quote "I CAN RESIST ANYTHING BUT TEMPTATION", round carabiner, leather band, cast metal, leather, chrome plated, matt. Colour: Rose GoldDimensions:...
  • Troika Toolinator Mini Tool

    Description: Mini tool with 10 functions, knife, keyring (wire loop) with carabiner, bottle opener, 3 screwdrivers (2 Phillips, 1 slotted), Allen key (4 sizes), small pry bar, ruler (5 cm),...
  • Troika Klee Keyring

    Description: Luck themed keyring, engraved with luck in different languages. Comes with 3 charms, horseshoe, heart and clover.  Dimension: 10.89cm x 4.39cm x 0.50cm  Colour: Green with Silver Material: Cast...
  • Troika Bulli Light Keyring

    Description: Charm keyring of VW T1 van from 1962. Headlights shine white LED lights. Dimension: 5.5cm x 2cm x 2.18cm Colour: Silver Material: Silver
  • Troika Twister Keyring

    Description: Leather loop valet key holder with twist lock function. Able to fit 3 key rings.  Dimension: 9.39cm x 2.79cm x 1.70cm  Colour: Silver with Black Material: Leather and Metal
  • Troika Snap Hook Keyring

    Description: Two key rings fastened together with a snap hook carabiner clip Dimension: 8.3cm x 3.3cm x 0.6cm  Colour: Silver with Black Material: Cast Metal
  • Troika Kitty Keyring

    Description: Kitty key ring holder harms in chrome and enamel Dimension: 7.79cm x 3.5cm x 0.4cm  Colour: Silver with Black Material: Cast Metal
  • Troika Business Card Case

    Description: Business card case with sleek finishing.  Dimension: 10.16cm x 7.2cm x 0.88cm  Colour: Silver Material: Aluminium & ABS Plastic
  • Troika Eco Beam Light

    Description: Torch, LED (white light), 3 light functions: 2 light strengths, flashing light, magnetic function, rechargeable, thus environmentally friendly, battery 600 mAh, charging cable included, anodised Colour: Black Material: Aluminium +...
  • Troika Eco Run Light

    Description: Torch, sports and safety light, with strong magnet for fastening, white LED light, 3 light functions: 2 lighting strengths, blinking lights, rechargeable via USB (3,7 volt - 0,22 watt), thus...
  • Troika Travel Theme Keyring

    Description: Travel themed charm keyring, featuring airplane, suitcase, globe.  Dimension: 8.5cm x 3.5cm x 0.88cm Colour: Blue-Silver Material: Cast Metal 
  • Troika Jack Pott

    Description: Jack Pott the whale charm hanging on chrome split ring. Cast metal and chrome plated with shiny finishing.  Dimension: 8.3cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm Colour: Black Material: Cast Metal
  • Troika Onpack Organiser Case

    Description: SET OF 2 ORGANISER CASES with zipper, small case: inner compartments, large case: 2 inner compartments and 1 removable elastic band insert for accessories (Every Day Carry)
  • Troika Belt Bag

    Description: BELT BAG with two zipper compartments, 1 compartment with fraud prevention (for RFID chips), suitable for tickets, passport, ID card, driver licence, boarding cards.  Dimension: 27.9cm x 13cm x 0.5cm...
  • Troika Eco Charge Torch Keyring

    Description: Rechargeable via USB port as it reduce the usage of batteries. Aside from its usage as torch, it can also be used as keyring.  Dimension: 5.8cm x 2.2cm x...
  • Troika Arbeitsger Multi Tool

    Description: Multi-tool with 10 functions, integrated spring and locking function, pincers, knife, saw, bottle opener, can opener, slotted screwdriver (3 sizes), Phillips screwdriver, wood and metal file, side cutters, pricker (awl)...
  • Troika Lilipad

    Description: Notepad DIN A7 incl. ballpoint pen, elastic band fastener, pen loop, bookmark, embossed ruler (10 cm) on cover, FSC certified paper, perforated pages, dot matrix, tray for documents, multitasking ballpoint...
  • Troika Mon Case

    Description: Portfolio bag with zipper, 1 compartment for documents, files, laptop, tablet (up to 13''), 1 compartment with elastic loops for accessories (Every Day Carry), carrying handle, strap for attaching to...
  • Troika Clever Key Multi Tool

    Description: Key organiser for max. 6 keys, 6 additional functions, bottle opener, carabiner, wrench (4 sizes), slotted screwdriver, tool for wing screws, centimetre/inch ruler, incl. belt pouch Dimension: 9.5cm x 2.3cm...
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