Singapore Towel Corporate Gift Collection. Our products include Cooling Sports Towel With Container. Cotton Face Towel. Golf Towel with Mesh pocket. Microfiber Sports Towel with Carabiner. Microfiber Bath Towel. Microfiber Towel with Mesh Bag. Suede Sports Towel with Carabiner. Premium Bath Towel.

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  • Cotton Face Towel

    Super-soft provides superior absorbency and a silky feel. The thick towel becomes softer with every wash. Material: 385gsm 100% cotton Dimension: 40cm(L) x 65cm(H) Colour: Grey, white
  • Comfy Microfiber Sports Towel

    Description: Soft and comfortable, Highly absorbent. 175gsm and weigh 43g Size: 32cm x 74cm Colour: Blue or White Material: 175gsm Microfiber  
  • Microfiber Sports Towel with Carabiner

    The towel is designed with carabiner and comes with a pouch. Material: Microfibre SizeL 800 x 380mm Colour: Yellow / Grey / Blue / Green / Cream / Black/ White
  • Suede Sports Towel with Carabiner

    The towel is designed with carabiner and comes with a pouch. Material: Microfibre SizeL 800 x 380mm Colour: Orange / Green / Blue / Cream / Black/ Red
  • Microfibre Face Towel

    Colours : Blue, Yellow, Pink, White Size : 30cm x 30cm Weight : 27gsm Material : Microfiber
  • Hand Towel

    Hand towel in solid colours packaged in PVC Pouch. Dimension: 32(w)x71(h)cm Available colours: orange, red, blue, green      
  • Sports Microfibre Towel

    Comes with carabiner hook and individual towel packed in mesh bag. Towel"s weight is 69g, entire set is 85g. Dimension: 36cm(L) x 80cm(H)- Towel, 8cm(L) x 16cm(H)- Mesh bag Material: 80%Polyester...
  • Cooling Sport Towel

    A magical cooling gift. Squeeze out the water after soaking in the water, fan it to have the "magical" cooling effect that will cool down your body, feeling great and...
  • Micofiber Sport Towel

    175gsm and 43g per towel. Strong absorptive.Soft and comfort.  Dimension: 32cm(L) x 74cm(H). Colours: blue, white and pastel blue. Material: Microfiber  
  • Microfiber Bath Towel

    Lightweight and absorptive microfiber bath towel ideal outdoor and overseas use. Dimension: 63cm(L) x 132cm(H). Colours: Blue, White and Pastel Blue.
  • Cotton Bath Towel

    Thick, Super-soft, superior absorbency & silky feel. Dimension: 68cm (L) x 30cm (H) Colours: White or Grey Material: 430gsm 100% Cotton  
  • Titleist Tour Staff Towel

    Discover the NEW Tour Staff Towel by Titleist, tour-inspired with a sophisticated iconic design. Size: 20″ (H) x 40″ (W) • New, Tour-inspired design with woven ribbed pattern and red...
  • Titleist Stadry Performance Towel

    Discover the new STADRY™ Performance Towel by Titleist, a completely NEW design featuring STADRY™construction for comfort in all conditions. Size: 17″ (H) x 17″ (W) • New multi-material StaDry construction...
  • Titleist Players Towel

    New iconic design and compact size for dedicated golfers Size: 16″ (H) x 32″ (W) • New, Tour-inspired design with woven ribbed pattern and red stripe accent • User-friendly size...
  • Titleist Players Microfiber Towel

    High-performance material towel Size: 16″ (H) x 32″ (W) • User-friendly size makes it easy-to-carry • New, proprietary hub patterned microfiber material • New, subtle woven label logo for sophisticated...
  • Mini Sports Quick Dry Towel with Silicone Case

    Description: The product fabric is made of nano-microfiber quick-drying fabric, the composition is composed of 85% polyester + 15% nylon, and the storage shell is made of 100% pure food...
  • BlueRanflex Sport Towel

    Description: Designed for outdoor activities  Luxuriously soft  Material: 100% cotton (75g/pc)  Dimensions: 32cm (W) x 68 cm (H)
  • Lightweight Microfiber Soft Towel

    Material: RPET Fabric Colours: Neon Yellow Dimensions: 80cm x 30cm  
  • Microfiber Towel with Mesh Pouch

    Material: RPET Microfibre Fabric Colours: Green  
  • 80gsm Microfiber Sports Towel

    Description: Colour : Pink, Blue, Green Size : 71cm x 37cm Material: Microfiber
  • Super Soft Microfiber Bath Towel

    Description: Colours : Blue, Yellow, Pink, White Size : 139cm x 74cm Weight : 300gsm Material : Microfiber
  • Super Soft Cotton Bath Towel

    Description: Super-soft provides superior absorbency and silky feel. Thick towel become softer with every wash Dimension: 65cm(L) x 130cm(H) Colour: Grey, White Material: 360gsm 100% cotton
  • Silky Hand Towel

    Description: Super soft and superior absorbency. Silky feel and it becomes softer with every wash Dimension: 40cm x 65cm  Colour: Grey, White Material: 100% cotton 340gsm
  • Silky Bath Towel

    Description: Super soft towel that provides superior absorbency and silky feel. Towel become softer with every wash.  Dimension: 65cm x 130cm  Colour: Grey Material: 100% Cotton | 385gsm
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