Wipe or spray the surface with the alcohol and make sure it remains wet for at least 30 seconds.
Suitable use for your smartphone, tablet, keyboard, mouse, glasses, in-car touchscreen display and any other daily items.

Keep your devices and your hands virus and bacteria free is easy, and what better than carrying an item that comes in a stylish, premium looking package. Simply, eject, spray and wipe in one go. The microfiber can be cleaned by soap and water after repeated use.

Spare comes in a protective carrying case. We advise to fill Spare with at least 70% alcohol sanitiser fluid containing isopropyl alcohol.
Isopropyl alcohol is an effective disinfectant against many pathogens, including Covid-19. Most hand rubbing alcohols by the main street brands will come with 70% isopropyl alcohol content, however in some cases concentrations can range from 60-99%. For killing coronavirus quickly on surfaces, 70% or higher is ideal.

Dimension: 90 x 22 mm

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