Portable rechargeable UV + Ozone disinfection sterilization lamp, with high-efficiency dual sterilization.
The germicidal lamp adopts dual anti-virus method of C-band ultraviolet and ozone. It is widely accepted that these short, energetic wavelength of light kill pathogens, viruses and bacteria by rupturing the cell walls while ozone can rapidly oxidize and break down viruses without residue.
Because of its portable size, you can use it to sterilize your: Fridge, wardrobe, bed, kitchen, desk, shoes, pets area, helmet, bag-interior, etc.
You can even bring it on your trip and use it in your hotel room!
Input: 5V/1A. 
UV Sterilization patent technology. Active Purification, 360 degrees to 2m area sterilization. Timing function, 800 MAH battery (3-4 times usage), each sterilize period takes 30 minutes. 
Dimensions: 5.5 x 13.5cm
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