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  • Eco Mini Notepad with Pen

    Description: Eco notepad with 70 sheets and pen Dimension: 9cm (W) x 13cm (H) Colour: Blue, Green, Orange, Red Material: Recycled paper
  • Eco Notebook with Post it note and Pen

    Size(cm) : 10.5cm(L)x15.5cm(H) Material : Recycle Paper Colour : Blue,Red,Orange,Green,Brown
  • Eco Wire O Notebook with Pen and Post it

    Eco-friendly wire-o bound notebook with pen and post it pad. Dimension: 14.5cm (W) x 11cm (H) Colour: Black, Khaki Material: Recycled paper
  • Eco Wire-O Notebook and Pen

    Size(cm) : 10cm(L)x14.5cm(H)Material : Recycle Paper Colour : Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Black
  • Eco Wire-O Notebook with post it note and pen

    Size(cm) : 15cm(L)x21cm(H)Colour : Brown
  • Eco Writing Pad with Pen

    Description: Made of recycled material, this notepad comes in a handy size so users can carry anywhere they go. 70 sheets woodfree paper and eco pen for writing and taking...
  • Eco- Notebooks with Pen

    Dimension: 13cm(W) x 18cm(H) Colour: Red, Blue
  • Eco-friendly A5 Notepad With 3 Colours Ball Pen

    40sheets notepad. Come with 3 colour pens, included red colour pen, blue colour pen, and green colour pen.With business card slot.Packaging: individual opp bag.Dimension: 21.5cm(H) x 13.5cm(L) x 2.4cm(W).Available colour:...
  • Eco-Friendly Cover Notepad with Pen

    Eco Cover Notepad Cover with Pen. Paper: 70 sheets Dimension: 18cm(W) x 14cm(H) Colour:Black, Red, Orange, Royal Blue    
  • Eco-Friendly Notebook and Pen

    Size(cm) : 9.8cm(L)x14.8cm(H)Material : Recycle PaperColour : Black,Coffee,Natural Brown
  • Eco-Friendly Notebook With Pen

    Environmental friendly notebook with PLA pen.  Available colours: yellow, blue and green. Material: Recycle paper
  • Eco-Friendly Notebook with Pen

    Environmental friendly A5 notebook with pen. Available colours: black, blue and green.
  • Eco-Friendly Notebook With Pen & Pocket

    Eco-friendly notebook comes with pen and pocket . Front pocket to keep your notes/envelopes Colours: Blue,Green,Red
  • Eco-Friendly Recycled logo Cover Notepad with Pen

    Eco-Friendly Recycled logo Cover Notepad with Pen Paper: 70 sheets Dimension: 18cm(W) x 14cm(H) Colour: Red, Orange, Green    
  • Geometric A5 Notebook and Pen Set

    Description: This beautifully designed A5 notebook comes with an additional storage pocket. 80 single lined pages. Comes with a matching writing ball pen Dimension: 14.4cm x 1.7cm x 21.4cm (Notebook)...
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