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  • 2-Tier Lunch Box with 2-in-1 fork & spoon

    Colours : Blue, Green, Pink Size : 13.5cm(H) x 13.5cm(D) Packaging : Kraft Box
  • 2-Tier Rectangular Lunch Box with spoon

    Colours : Blue, Green, Pink Size : 10cm(H) x 11cm(W) x 16cm(L) Packaging : Kraft Box
  • 2-Tier Stainless Steel Lunch Box (Gloss finishing)

    Colours : Blue, Pink, Grey Size : 14.7cmL x 14.7cmW x 14.5cmH
  • Eco Friendly 2-tier Lunchbox with Cutlery Set

    Material: Wheat straw + PP Dimension: 19.9cm x 9cm x 8cm Colour: Beige, blue, pink, purple
  • Eco Friendly Bamboo Fiber Container Set

    Description: 5pcs storage bowl comes with individual lid. Around 70% bamboo fiber, corn starch and others natural fibers mixture, plus 30% resin mixed with colorant, made of the bio-based bamboo fiber...
  • Eco Friendly Rectangle Wheat Straw Lunch Box with Compartment

    Eco Friendly Rectangle Wheat Straw Lunch Box with Compartment Material : Wheat Fiber + PP Dimension : 17cm(L) x 13cm(D) x 7cm(H) Color :  Natural, Powder Blue
  • Eco Friendly Wheat Straw Food Container with Spoon

    Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Food Container with SpoonMaterial : Wheat Fiber + PPDimension : 18.5cm(L) x 14.5cm(D) x 7cm(H)Colour: Lime Green, Powder Blue
  • Eco Friendly Wheat Straw Lunch Box

      The container base is microwave safe for reheating purpose only. Do not use lid or base in oven or dryer. Do not use open fire to reheat directly. Material...
  • Eco Wheat Straw Food Container with Compartment

    Eco-Friendly Bento lunch Box with separate compartment. Colour: Blue, Green, Pink
  • Electric Food Warmer Lunch Box

    Prepare your own favourite healthy meals ahead of time or schedule and use the lunch box to heat the food conveniently in the office or on the go. 2 Separate...
  • ENDO 400ml Double Stainless Steel Food Jar

    - Keeps Soup & Food Warm For Long Hours: 1 Hour > 80oc, 6 Hours > 65oc - Stay-Cool, Heat Resistant Mouth Guard Prevents Scaling of Lips - 8.9cm Wide...
  • Foldable Lunch Box with Cutlery Set

    Smart and practical foldable lunch box.It can be folded so it won"t fill if you just need a small lunch.It is made in plastic and silicone and is dishwasher safe.Non...
  • Food Storage Container

    This uniquely designed food storage container comes with a collapsible spoon.  Holds up to 350ml capacity of food.  Material: PP Available colour: Black Dimension: 12cm(H) x 9.5cm (D)  
  • Freshcore Lunch Box with Fork and Sauces Storage

    Description: Attractive lunch box with integrated fork and sauce container in the lid.Great for salad dressing and others sauces.Perfect for storing food and bring it anywhere. Dimension: 8cm(H) x 22cm(L) x...
  • Hottech Lunch Box

    Description: Extra tray to separate dishes. Perfect for storing food and bring it anywhere. Dimension: 15cm(D) x 10.2cm(H). Colour: blue.   Material: PP
  • Husk Fiber 2 Tier Lunch Box

    Description: This 2 tier lunch box is made of agricultural material such as rice and husk fiber that does not contain any harmful substances. Long lasting and durable as compared...
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