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  • Shoe Bag with 2 Compartment

    Fuctional Shoe Bag comes in 4 colour options
  • Shoe Bag with Netting

    Description:   Shoe pouch with netting for ventilation.Available color: blackDimension : 40 x 20 x 11.5 cm Material:   Nylon 600D
  • Zipper Shoe Pouch

    Shoe pouch with zippered main compartment. Build with a mesh pocket at back.   Material : 600D Packaging : Individual OPP bag Colours : Red with black and blue with black Dimension : 35cm(H)...
  • Shoe Pouch

    Description:   Shoe pouch with large zippered main compartment to hold your shoes.Available color: Navy blue-blackDimension : 38 x 17 x 13 cm Material:   Nylon 600D
  • Foldable Shoe Pouch with hanger

    Basic shoe pouch with hanger. Dimension: 37.5cm(H) x 30cm(L) x 5.5cm(W). Available colours: pink, green, orange and blue. Material : Ribstop
  • Microfiber Shoe Pouch

    1 main compartment and small front compartment to put personal belongingness.Packaging: Opp Bag. Size: 20cm(L) x 30cm(H) x 15cm(W). Colour: Black Material : Microfiber
  • Dual Tone Shoe Pouch

    Description:   Basic shoe pouch for your shoes. Available color: green / red / silver / blue / orangeDimension : 33.5 x 13 x 14 cm Material:   Nylon 300D...
  • Ribstop Shoe Pouch

    Description: Basic shoe pouch with neon coloured trimming Dimension: 25cm x 15cm x 35cm  Colour: Blue, Green, Orange Material: Special Wave Polyester
  • Scandic Shoe Pouch

    Description:   Sporty design. Basic shoe pouch.Dimension: 34cm(L) x 13cm(W) x 18cm(H).Available colours: grey with blue, grey with black and grey with orange. Material:   Jacquard
  • Shoe Pouch with Mesh Fabric

    Description: Shoe Pouch with large zippered main compartment and mesh fabric for ventilation.  Dimension: 35cm x 20cm x 13.5cm  Colour: Black Material: 420D Nylon  
  • Vilatech Shoe Pouch

    Basic shoe pouch with carabiner. Material: 600D Size: 40cm(H) x 23cm(L) x 10cm(W). Color: Red, Yellow, Blue.
  • Nylon Shoe Bag

    Shoe Bag with main zippered compartment. Adjustable Handle Strap.  Dimension: 36cm x 22cm x 13cm  Available Colours: Blue Material: Ribstop Nylon + Mesh
  • Basic Shoe Bag

    No Frills Basic Shoe bag to fit your active lifestyle. Colour : Yellow Dimension : 14cm (H) x 31cm (L) x 21cm (W)  
  • Zipper Shoe Bag with Ventilation Mesh

    Shoe bag with zippered main compartment and ventilation mesh. Colours : Green, Red or Blue Material : Nylon 600D Dimension : 35.5cm(H) x 22cm(L) x 13cm (W)
  • Waterproof Shoe Pouch

    Waterproof shoe pouch made of waterproof TPU, comes with a single zipper closure and basic hanger strap.  Dimension: 21cm x 18cm x 35cm  Available Colours: Black or Blue Material: TPU,...
  • Micro Fibre Shoe Bag

    Colour: Red , Blue , Grey Dimension: 22cm x 33cm x 13cm Material: MicroFibre
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