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Why do you need a Online Corporate Store?

Control Control

Your brand.Your organization works hard to establish and maintain branding guidelines, not everyone follows suit. A managed program for your marketing materials keeps your standards in check.

Spending.When all marketing promotional products are purchased through an online store, measuring and accounting for them becomes an essential ingredient to managing budgets and spending.

Stock management.Real-time inventory show you exactly how many of each item are currently available.

Cost Cost

Opportunity cost.Your marketing professionals were hired to strategically promote your brand. Having them ship branded stationery, corporate premiums and literature to events is expensive, not to mention the critical tasks that are not getting done while they pack boxes.

Economy of scale.Enjoy savings by having teams plan their requirements and combine their purchase.

Reduce wastage.Extras from business events or marketing campaigns can be sold to staff or stored for future use instead of written off.

What do you get?

Setup  Setup

Custom storefront design.You cannot claim to be safeguarding your organization’s branding guidelines when your premium store does not comply with those guidelines. Being in the branding business, we completely understand this. This is why we will set up your premium store using a theme that match your organisation and we will drop in your logo to make your premium store truly yours.

Secure shopping cart.Each department/team in your organisation will be provided with a secure shopping cart to help you track budgets and spending.

VIP merchandising support. We know it will be a lot of work starting a store. This is why we will be doing the heavy lifting for you. Your store will be launched with up to 100 products. We will photography and present your existing premiums in the best possible light and supplement your premium store with items from our collection. 






Operation Operation

Storage.Would you prefer more office space or clutter? We guess as much, which is why your online store also comes with 1.5m3 of warehouse space. That’s the equivalent of almost two cubicle space or 20 DHL Jumbo boxes!

Inventory Management. Managing inventory takes time, time that can otherwise be spent on more pressing tasks. We will help you manage your supplies so that you always have enough product for your marketing activities. You will be notified whenever stock of an item runs low.

Delivery. You’re probably familiar with the basic aspects of a company store, such as the ability to showcase your promotional products so that outside sales reps, overseas offices or even distributors can order company approved merchandise. Our store solution don’t stop at storage and inventory management, it also include weekly delivery to an approved address.

Your store will always be well stocked and you only need to pay for the products in our collection when you purchase them.

Product sourcing. Picking the right items for your company can be a daunting task. We will help you find the perfect product that tells your brand story to your target, Your corporate premiums will always have the right brand message.


Let’s discuss your company’s online store goals and requirements.

See the difference:

  • Beautifully designed & responsive for mobile
  • Easy to use functionality & checkout
  • Delightful online user experience
  • Real-time, detailed reporting accessible 24/7

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