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  • 3 in 1 USB Drives

    Description: 3 in 1 USB flash drive As portable as lipstick Enjoy a lighter, smaller and more beautiful Lightning and USB flash drive with 128GB of extra space. Dimension: 22mm...
  • Alloy USB Drive

    High Quality | High Speed | Water resistance | Shock-proof | USB 2.0 Micro Chip| 3.0 Micro chip Material : Alloy
  • Aluminium and Rubber Coated Swivel USB Flash Drive

    This flash drive are one of our most popular USB. Features Shinning aluminum swing cover and unique rubber coated USB body! Complete it with a key chain and handphone strap...
  • Aluminium Carabiner USB drive

    Description:  Aluminum carabiner USB drive. This handy USB drive is built into an aluminum spring-close carabiner. Plastic cap protects USB drive when not in use. Flat surface perfect for logo...
  • Aluminium Fold USB Flash Drive

    Your logo will stand out with this vibrant colored imprinted USB drive. This custom flash drive is perfect for business meetings or for carrying around important information that your employees...
  • Carabiner Metal USB Flash Drive

    This Carabiner Metal USB Flash Drive are made for the modern on-the-go lifestyle. With a built-in carabiner clip, the USB drive can be attached to your backpack strap, belt loop,...
  • Classic Metal Swivel USB Flash Drive

    A choice for people want classic (No special paint) on plastic surface. A sleek and sophisticated USB Swing Drive that will carry information and your logo anywhere you want to...
  • Compact Slider Steel USB Flash Drive

    Sleek, practical, and attractively designed, the Slider Metal Steel USB Flash Drive is easy to operate with your thumb to slide out the USB connector. There is a location to...
  • Compact USB Drives

    High Quality | High Speed | Water resistance | Shock-proof | USB 2.0 Micro Chip Compact sized USB that is versatile in it's use Material : Alloy  
  • Curved Metal USB Drive

    Description: Curved design metal USB drive, with additional keyhole to have your USB attached to your keyring. High speed USB 2.0 Micro Chip Colour: Silver Material: Metal alloy
  • Deluxe Stainless Steel Mini USB Flash Drive

    This Deluxe Stainless Steel Mini USB Flash Drive stands out with its stunning appearance which delivers great sense of luxury and elegance. It is tiny and featherweight that allows an...
  • Desktop Cylinder USB Flash Drive

    One of the best desktop item on your office desk! This Desktop Deco USB Flash Drive features round shaped with sleek metal finishing. Key chain on top for your easy...
  • Elegent Key Shaped USB Flash Drive

    A new & modern key shaped USB Flash Drive in the market now! This USB metal built complete with polished metallic surface finishing, it is just irresistible to be a...
  • Exclusive Metal USB Flash Drive

    This Ergonomic design Exclusive Metal USB Flash Drive is so good and exclusive look! Features stylish shaped with frosted surface finishing complete with Cap to cover the USB. Clients will...
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