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  • 23" Walking Stick Umbrella with UV Protection

    23" Walking Stick Umbrella with UV Protection | AbrandZ: Corporate Gifts Singapore 23" Walking Stick Umbrella with UV Protection Colour: Black, Maroon Dimension: 32 inch  
  • 24 Inch UV Auto Open Umbrella

    24 Inch UV Auto Open Umbrella Description: 24 inches, 8 panels regular auto open umbrella with UV coated.  Colour: Navy, Royal Blue, Maroon, Orange, Dark Green Material: Pongee
  • 24" Auto Open Regular Umbrella

    24" Regular solid auto open umbrella with J hook plastic handle.  Colour: Black, White, Blue, Navy Blue, Green and more.  * Stock availability subjects to change upon order confirmation.
  • 24" Auto Open Stick Umbrella

    Description: 24 inch auto open UV coated walking stick umbrella. 14mm black metal frame with non slippery cap Dimension: 24 inch  Colours: Black, Red, Navy, Grey, Brown, Yellow, Green Material:...
  • 24" Auto Open Straight Umbrella with UV Coated

    Description:  24″ Regular UV Auto Open Umbrella Dimension: 24 inch  Colours: Black, Brown, Blue, Orange
  • 24" Auto Open Umbrella

    Description: 24" x 8 panels  auto open umbrella, handle with button for fast opening of umbrella.  Size: 24 inch Colour: Black or Navy Blue (Colour subjects to availability) Material: Metal...
  • 24'' Auto Open Umbrella with Wooden Handle

    Description: 24'' x 8 panels, UV coated o exterior panels Material: Pongee + Wood Dimenstion: 24 inch
  • 25 Inch Quick Dry Manual Straight Umbrella

    Description: Large area of protection against rain, backpack or bags will not get wet easily.  Opens and close manually with a handle for users to hold it with ease.  Dimension:...
  • 27 Inch J-Hook Straight Umbrella

    Description: Great for promotional, auto open umbrella with metal shaft, black plastic j-hook handle.  Dimension: 27 inch / 8 panels Colour: White Material: Polyester + Metal
  • 27" Premium and Sleek Extra Long Umbrella

    27" x 8 panels, auto open, black metal shaft x fibre glass ribs & frame, non-UV coated, solid color with Black metallic button and Black curve handle extra long umbrella....
  • Auto Close Inverted Umbrella

    Description: Inverted umbrella with auto close snap and go function. The Dry side remains outward while it's closed. Half inch thick steel shaft with high flexibility fiberglass frame to prevent...
  • Auto Open Close Umbrella

    Hook cotton edge design. Packaging: OPP bag. Dimension: 21inch x 12panels. Available colours: green and blue. Pongee, J Handle- PU, Shaft and Rib- Metal
  • Auto Open Straight Umbrella

    Shaft and ribs: 8k, black Coated Steel. Handle: J-Handle. Auto open.Non UV protection coated. Dimension: 24 inch with 8 planels.Available colours: black, red and blue. Material : Polyester
  • Auto Open Torch Light Umbrella

    More than a umbrella"s function. Turnable torch light brighten function. Available colours: dark blue and dark grey. 190T Pongee material, Aluminium shaft with Glossy finish
  • Auto Open Umbrella

    23" umbrella with metal shaft.Available colours: grey, orange, green, blue. 180T Polyester
  • Designer Umbrella with Strap

    Modern silver black plastomer handle coated with PU finishing. Silver trimming designed to suit executives. Cover sleeve with long adjustable strap achieve conception of easy to carry. Material : Pongee 190T, Plastic...
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