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  • A4 Jute Tote Bag

    Size(cm) : 32.5cm(H) x 30cm(W) x 15cm(D) x 41cm (Handle) Material : Laminated Canvas Colour : Beige, blue, green, purple, red
  • Canvas Jute Bag

    Material: Laminated Canvas Jute Bag Dimension : 30cm(H) X 34.5cm(W) X 14.5cm(D) Handle : 40cm(L) (Cotton Paddle)
  • Dantip Jute Bag

    Carrier which is reusable and convenience to carry your stuffs. Colours: Beige Material: Jute Dimension: 40 x 10 x 35cm
  • Eco Friendly A3 Jute Tote Bag

    Size(cm) : 41cm(L)x14cm(W)x31.5cm(H) Handle : 41cm Material : Laminated Canvas Max Capacity : 8Kg Colour : White, Brown, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow Blue
  • Eco Friendly A3 Jute Tote Bag with Canvas Pocket

    Size(cm) : 43cm(L)x18cm(W)x35cm(H) Handle : 53cm Material : Jute+Canvas(8oz) Max Capacity : 8Kg Colour : Natural,Navy Blue
  • Eco Friendly A4 Jute Bag

    Eco Friendely Jute Bag to hold A4 size contents. Size(cm) : 30cm(L) x14.5cm(W) x37cm(H) Handle : 38cm Material : Jute Max Capacity : 8Kg Colour : White ,Natural Brown
  • Eco Friendly A4 Jute Document Folder

    Size(cm) : 36.5cm(L)x25cm(H)Material : JuteColour : Natural
  • Eco Friendly A4 Jute Tote Bag

    Eco Friendly Jute Bag with colourful accent side wall. Size(cm) : 32.5cm(H) x 30cm(W) x 15cm(D) Handle : 41cm Material : Jute Colour : Blue,Purple,Orange,Red,Green,Brown,Natural
  • Eco Friendly Canvas Jute Tote Bag

    Size(cm) : 39cm(L) x16cm(W) x39cm(H) Material : Jute+Canvas(8oz) Colour : Red, Yellow, Natural, Green, Navy  Blue
  • Eco Friendly Casual Jute Bag

    Eco Friendly casual Jute ag suitable for picnic and outing. Size(cm) : 37cm(W) x15cm(D) x 38cm(H)Handle : 51cmMaterial : Laminated CanvasMax Capacity : 8KgColour : Red,Orange,Green
  • Eco Friendly Colour Jute Tote Bag

    Size(cm) : 30cm(L) x 32cm(H)Handle : 45cm(L)Material : JuteColour : Red, Orange, Golden Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
  • Eco Friendly Jute Accessories Pouch

    Size(cm) : 12cm(L)x17cm(H)Material : JuteColour : Purple, Brown, Grey, Maroon, Blue
  • Eco Friendly Jute Accessories Pouch with Netting

    Size(cm) : 12cm(L)x17cm(H)Material : Jute with NettingColour : Yellow, Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Red
  • Eco Friendly Jute and Canvas Pouch

    Material : Jute+Canvas(8oz)Colour : White/Red, Dark Brown/Black
  • Eco Friendly Jute and Coloured Canvas Tote Bag

    Size(cm) : 38cm(L)x8cm(W)x37cm(H)Material : Jute+Canvas(8oz)Colour : Green, Yellow, Red, Blue
  • Eco Friendly Jute Backpack

    Eco Friendly Stylish Jute Material Backpack Size(cm) : 27.5cm(L)x12cm(W)x41.5cm(H) Material : Jute Colour : Blue,Red,Grey,Brown
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