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  • Custom Cover Post-it Pad

    Post-it Pad with custom cover
  • Eco Friendly Notebook With Pen

    Description: Notepad with post-it pad and environment friendly PLA pen. Material: Recyle paper
  • Eco Friendly Notebook With Pen & Post It

    Description: Eco Friendly notebook with lined notes paper, recycled material ball pen and post it pad for easy jot down of notes.  Dimension: 11.5cm x 15.5cm Colour: Brown or Black...
  • Eco Friendly Post-It Pad With Ruler

    PP ruler with colourful post it pad. Ruler with cm scale 25 sheets per colour, 80gsm. Packaging: OPP bag. Dimension: 16cm(L) x 5cm(H) x 0.3cm(W). Available colours: red and black....
  • Eco Friendly Post-It Pad With Ruler And Pen

    Colourful post it pad, 120 sheets per colour, 80gsm. PP ruler with cm scale. With ball pen in black colour ink. Packaging: OPP bag. Dimension: 16cm(L) x 6.3cm(H) x 2.5cm(W)....
  • Eco Memopad holder with post it note

    Size(cm) : 10cm(L)x8.7cm(W)x9.7cm(H)Colour : Brown
  • Eco Notebook with Post it note and Pen

    Size(cm) : 10.5cm(L)x15.5cm(H) Material : Recycle Paper Colour : Blue,Red,Orange,Green,Brown
  • Eco Post it note with Memo Holder

    Size(cm) : 12cm(L)x4cm(W)x8.5cm(H) Colour : Brown
  • Eco Puzzle Post-It Pad

    Description: Puzzle composed of 8 pioeces of 100 neon paper sticky notes presented in a recycled cardboard box.   Packaging: OPP bag. Dimension: 10.8cm(L) x 10.8cm(H) x 1.5cm(W). Available colour: brown...
  • Eco Wire-O Notebook with post it note and pen

    Size(cm) : 15cm(L)x21cm(H)Colour : Brown
  • Eco-Friendly Notepad

    Description: 80gsm. Self - adhesive memo paper and note pads in paper box. Dimension: 12cm(L) x 10.5cm(H) x 2.2cm(W). Available colour: Beige.   
  • Highlighter With Post It Pad And Paper Clips

    Description : With highlighter and paper clips.Included 3 colours notepad, 20 sheets per colour. Dimension: 8cm(H) x 7cm(L) x 2.2cm(W) Colours : yellow and blue. Material: Plastic
  • Highlighter

    3 in1 Highlighter Pen with sticky notes Colour: Blue,Yellow,Orange
  • Magnetic Memo Pad

    This magnetic pad holder is a perfect tool for jotting down quick phone messages and important memos. Features a useful adhesive memo pad and pen.  Material: ABS Available colours: Red...
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