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  • Desktop Calendar

    Making sure your business or brand is seen by your customers each and every day. 
  • Magic Concepts Magic 3 Panel Calendar

    Your interactive Billboard communication An Amazing Cube Pen pot that, when unfolded, turns into a panoramic billboard right on people’s desk. The large panels give you the flexibility to communicate...
  • Magic Concepts Magic 360 Round Calendar

    360 days of fun on your desk! Turn your calendar into an engaging desk accessory. What’s Magic? Each Block is connected by magnets that you can pull, rotate and connect...
  • Magic Concepts Magic 360 Square Calendar

    The Bestesller that stays desk-top all year long All 3 cubes of this high-end calendar assemble together magnetically to form a tower. Let users play, assemble, rotate, create and make...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Building Blocks Calendar

    A challenge that entertains all year long Build all-year-through with the Building Blocks Calendar! Let users play, assemble, create and make your calendar their own. Available in 3 brick or...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Can Calendar

    New Energy for your Calendar If you want to amaze your customers, you can rely on the Can causing a real folding frenzy. It’s many different faces and ways of...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Card 160 Calendar

    A thin design that will make clients play with your calendar! The Magic Card 160 calendar features 8 panels giving you ample space for branding and messages. A powerful tool...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Cube Calendar

    Add the Magic Touch to your Calendar! The Original and Bestseller Magic Cube in Calendar formatAn iconic calendar with 12 panels for your branding, photos, and messages! Material: Black HIPS Plastic +...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Diamond Calendar

    Multi-facet Calendar for your communication A Calendar, with real media space for your branding and messages! The Magic Diamond surprises and delights by its folding movement, quality finish and large...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Duo Stand Calendar

    Hands-on with 365 days of visibility This playful and functional calendar composed of 2 blocks will make your brand stand out on desks,  while engaging your clients! Material: Black HIPS...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Magnetic Triangle Calendar

    This Calendar will boost your Creativity! PLAY, BUILD, ROTATE! Composed of 4 magnetically connected prisms, this premium branded calendar will let you create countless shapes…! Material: Black HIPS Plastic +...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Revolving Tower Calendar

    A hallmark on your desk You cannot resist it, you have to turn it. The Revolving tower is a real desk sculpture with calendar function.It's 4 cubes can rotate freely,...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Sliding Pen Pot Calendar

    Keeps your desk tidy and stimulates your creativity all day long! With its playful twistable blocks, the Sliding Pen Pot will surprise and delight!Fully customizable on all 6 sides and...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Sliding Stationery Box Calendar

    The Sliding stationery Box offers 3 sliding compartments to store paper clips, and small objects. Full Color label customization Calendar version also available.   Material: White ABS plastic with magic...
  • Magic Concepts Magic Suspension Calendar

    Making your brand tangible each day The Suspension Calendar turns traditional calendars into an engaging desk accessory inviting people to play with the rotating cubes while discussing over the phone....
  • Rainbow lite Clock

    Clock Calendar with Rainbow Lite Colour : White
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